Best Renters Insurance Florida

This Can Happen to You if You Don’t Have Renters Insurance

A lot of people skip out on renters insurance in Florida for a different number of reasons.

Some people just can’t see the point of this extra level of protection. They believe that either they won’t have their homes ransacked by criminals (they must not be paying attention to the news) or they believe that they aren’t going to be hit by any serious storm damage (maybe they don’t spend that much time outside).

Some people just are not able to afford an extra expense every month, the kind of expense that they believe the best renters insurance Florida agencies like this have, will cost. They try to get by, crossing their fingers and hoping that nothing happens to them – just waiting for the other shoe to drop, so to speak, when they are crushed by the wicked force of karma.

Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about these headaches and hassles when you choose to get the best renters insurance Florida has to offer. And it’s doubly beneficial for you that after you finish this quick guide you’ll know how to do so without breaking the bank, without forcing yourself to say okay to a less than stellar coverage, and without having to deal with any of those weasel insurance salesmen.

Do Your Research Ahead of Time

The most important thing you can do when looking for the best renters insurance Florida has is to focus on the research aspect of the search ahead of time. It’s a great idea for you to block off an hour of time or more a couple of days a week to look for top-of-the-line insurance agencies in your area – or as the national event, you wouldn’t mind working with.

Outline all of your insurance expectations, the coverage plans that you would be interested in (as well as the ones that you would not be interested in), and then make sure that you convey all of this research to the insurance agents that you end up interviewing.

Contemplate multiple offers, but always go with the highest value – not the lowest price.

To really lock in the best renters insurance Florida has to offer, you’re going to first need to look at multiple offers – and not just get excited at the first one that comes across your desk. Doing so would be giving up on pursuing all different opportunities available, and might even end up costing you thousands of dollars over the lifetime of that policy.

Secondly, you’re going to need to make sure that you don’t fall into the temptation of going with the lowest priced renters insurance instead of the insurance from that offers the best value. There is a world of difference between the cheapest renters insurance Florida has to offer and the best renters insurance Florida has to offer, and you don’t want to find out that difference.

How to Access the Cheapest Car Insurance in Florida

First of all, you should be aware that the cheapest car insurance in Florida isn’t always the best deal. For example, the coverage that is too sparse may leave you unprotected in the event of mishaps on the road, such as collisions. So, sometimes, it’s really better to pay a bit more in order to access a higher level of coverage. Certain policies are basic and affordable and these are best for those who need the cheapest car insurance in Florida, at in order to make the cost of carrying insurance affordable.

However, those who can afford to spend more should consider looking at higher-coverage policies, instead of rushing into buying the cheapest policies around. In terms of insurance for any American State, car owners will typically get what they pay for and this means that more insurance will cost more money.

While good deals are out there, the most important factor is the level of coverage that you will receive. If it’s not enough to protect you while you’re on the road, it’s probably best to spend a little more if you can.

Check Out Policies and Prices Online

There are ways to explore different policy features via, so comparison-shopping in this manner will always make sense. Simply do a Google search for “cheapest car insurance in Florida” in order to access a host of links to provider company websites. These insurance companies may offer convenient, online quotation calculators, which allow visitors to get instant estimates for insurance premiums.

Next, consider the overall reputations of insurance companies. You can check out companies at the BBB online or just do a quick search for customer reviews. By doing so, you’ll be able to access impressive insight that helps you to make a truly smart decision as a consumer. The best companies of this type should get good reviews across the board. Avoid companies that get a lot of complaints online, as these types of firms just won’t offer the level of customer service that you expect and deserve.

Find the Perfect Insurance Policy Today

Now that you know how to search properly, you’ll be ready to make the most of your next insurance policy. By checking out providers, collecting quotations, and comparing policy features, you’ll be primed to find a policy from a reputable provider, which also fits your budget and requirements. While no one likes to pay for auto insurance, according to, it is mandatory. That’s why shopping around in order to access a good deal is so very important! In order to get the deal that you deserve, do some homework and research before you buy.

This type of comparison-shopping may allow you to save a significant amount of money on your next insurance policy. If you skip performing careful comparison-shopping, you may overpay for the policy that you buy, so you should consider shopping around online in order to isolate superior deals. While prices may not vary that much, it may be possible to access cash savings when you utilize online quote calculators during the comparison-shopping process.


Florida Health Insurance Regulation

Florida Health Insurance Regulation

The state of Florida health insurance premiums is in a state of flux. Many believe that this is due to ObamaCare, yet a closer look at health insurance regulations will demonstrate that ObamaCare is not to blame. Instead, the blame lies solely on state regulations.

Florida Office of Insurance Regulation

According to its official website, the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation is charged with “responsibilities for regulation, compliance, and enforcement of statutes related to the business of insurance.” The office is headed up by the Florida Commissioner of Insurance Regulation, which is an appointed position. Both the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation and the Commissioner was created in 1998.

Since that time, one of the main purposes of this division of the state government of Florida was the regulation of health insurance premiums. Or, that was the case until the year the Supreme Court upheld ObamaCare in 2012.

Suspension of Health Insurance Premium Regulation

In 2013, Florida Governor Scott signed Florida Senate Bill 1842 into effect. This bill suspended the Florida Office of Insurance Regulations’ ability to regulate health care premium rates for two years according to The governor gave ObamaCare as his reason for this suspension. He claimed that there was no need for the state of Florida to regulate insurance premiums when the federal government addressed premium regulation within the Affordable Care Act. Florida Insurance Commissioner Kevin McCarty echoed the sentiment that the ACA contains a “self-regulator” that was meant to keep health insurance premiums down.

Error in Thinking

The only problem with Senate Bill 1842 is that the ACA doesn’t grant the federal government the power to regulate health insurance premiums. The so-called “self-regulator” that McCarty referred to is actually a rebate system controlling how much insurance premiums go toward administrative costs. According to ObamaCare, if a health insurance provider goes over this medical-loss ratio, then that company has to refund the amount of overage back to its customers.

Explaining Increases in Premium Rates

This provision within ObamaCare doesn’t regulate premium costs at all. Other than the medical-loss ratio, the federal government requires insurance companies to publicly justify the reasons for the increases. That’s all.

Federal Government Encourages State Health Insurance Premium Regulation

Not only does the federal government not regulate health insurance premium prices, but it also encourages the states to regulate these rates. The federal government provides a grant to states to states that want to review their insurance premium regulating powers, you can visit and see what the premiums are for your needs. The erroneous nature of the state of Florida’s position that the ACA regulates increases to health insurance premiums is the fact that premiums have increased greatly and are expected to increase dramatically again in 2016.

Predictions for Premium Rate Increases

Several of the major health insurance providers in Florida have requested a huge increase in premium rates for 2016. These major rate increases range from 12 to 21%. Obviously, the ACA is not regulating insurance premium rate increases with rate increase requests coming out with large requests.

Then Why is There all of This Finger Pointing?

It would appear that the state government doesn’t care about the increase in health insurance premiums. It would seem that the state government is pouting about ObamaCare. It’s as if the state of Florida doesn’t want to have anything to do with ObamaCare insurance premiums because of the well-documented Florida opposition to ObamaCare.

The Ones Who Suffer

Unfortunately, this position taken by the Florida politicians doesn’t punish either President Obama or the federal legislature. Instead, the people of Florida who have to pay the premiums for ObamaCare policies will be the ones to suffer from premium rate increases because, obviously, no one is regulating health insurance premiums in Florida.